Has the E-Reader Battle Been Won?

After a long-fought battle that has lasted for several years, it seems that the e-reader battle is finally over. The question now is: did anybody really win?

In the beginning of the e-reader wars, there were all sort of companies ready to capitalize on this emerging technology. Both powerful, well-known companies and smaller companies each tried to get a horse in the race, with some more successful than others.

Just as the e-reader was about to cross the finish line and run a victory lap, a strange thing happened. Read more »

Will Smartphone Screens Continue To Grow?

The screen sizes of recent smartphones seem to have grown to monumental proportions. When combined with a bulky case, many customers are wondering when manufacturers will draw the line. For those that would like a glimpse at this multi-billion dollar industry, here is a look at the future of the smartphone screen.

As of 2013, the screen size of the average smartphone is quickly pushing towards the 5 inch mark, and some are making a guess that this will break nearly a half foot in the coming Read more »

The Next Generation Of Gaming Consoles Is On The Way

Everyone has been able to enjoy their Xbox 360 and PS3 for close to eight years now, but it is now time for the next generation of gaming consoles to be released. Microsoft and Sony have both recently announced their new gaming consoles that will be released in the holiday season this season.

Microsoft will be replacing the Xbox 360 with the Xbox One, and Sony will be replacing the PS3 with the PS4 later this year. Both gaming consoles will come with enhanced graphics and other features to separate them from the current Read more »

SEO Changes For 2013

Getting to the top of a search engine’s results page is an elusive target because the goalposts are constantly moving. The internet used to be basically one way traffic, and users visited a website primarily to receive information. This is when rankings were based mainly on keyword density and links. Search engines ranked a website based on how often a relevant word or phrase appeared, and by how many other sites linked to it. Read more »

How Small Businesses Should Take Advantage of Local Search

How Small Businesses Should Take Advantage of Local Search

The Benefits of A Local Search For Your Small Business
Developing strong relationships online is the best way to attract new customers. More specifically, by dominating the local search engines, you will increase your range of new customers. For instance, tourists and residents will search online for stores to visit. If your store comes up in local searches, then you have just increased the potential of your businesses visibility. This visibility will potentially lead to a wider range of sales online and in person.

Manifesting Your Product Read more »